Actiw Loadplate

- the magic of automated container and trailer loading

The safest, most efficient and robust way to load your cargo undamaged

Actiw LoadPlate is a fast and proven, one shot loading solution for regular, non-modified cargo space. Stop losing money. Get payback on loading with LoadPlate.

LoadPlate is an easy and cost-effective loading solution for improving the efficiency, safety and damage free performance of container stuffing and truck loading operations in various industries.

Timber/lumber – increased container volume utilization and damage-free loading of wood products …more.

Metal – safe and fast container stuffing of heavy and long goods such as Steel and Aluminium plates and pipes without expensive OT containers.

Port Operators – improved efficiency of intermodal freight handling by simple and dynamic loading and unloading of various types of cargo into and from ISO containers.

LoadPlate is a new method, especially suitable for loading complex cargo into standard containers, trucks and trailers.


  • High handling capacity

    When stuffing long goods or special cargo, the total handling capacity can be increased by 33% compared to traditional loading.

  • High operational cost efficiency

    A typical loading crew consists of 3 persons, while LoadPlate can be operated by a single operator.

  • Major decreases in freight costs

    Complex cargo can be loaded into DC’s (Dry Container) instead of OT’s (Open Top), with a 2 000 € savings potential per container.

  • Increased cubic fill

    A typical 10% improvement in cubic fill of timber products, equals ~200k€ cost savings with a container volume of 1 000.

  • Minimized handling damages

    Highly improved end-customer satisfaction, due to practically eliminated product damages.

  • Safe loading process

    A major reason for investing in LoadPlate is increased safety as no-one needs to be inside the container during loading.