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Actiw LoadPlate - automated loading equipment

The safest, most efficient and robust way to load your cargo undamaged – Automated container loading Actiw LoadPlate

Actiw LoadPlate is a fast and proven, one shot container loading solution for regular, non-modified cargo space. Stop losing money. Get payback on loading containers with LoadPlate.

LoadPlate is an easy and cost-effective loading solution for improving the efficiency, safety and damage free performance of container loading operations in wide variety of industries. Contact us to discuss how LoadPlate can be implemented to your operations!

Timber/lumber – increased container volume utilization and damage-free loading of wide range of wood products such as sawn timber, plywood, veneer panels and sheets …more.

Actiw LoadPlate for timber loading into standard containers

Actiw LoadPlate loading sawn timber









Metal – safe and fast container stuffing of heavy and long goods such as Steel and Aluminium plates and pipes without expensive OT containers…more.

Actiw LoadPlate for steel products

Actiw LoadPlate loading steel plates










Port/terminal Operators – improved efficiency of intermodal freight handling by simple and dynamic loading and unloading of various types of cargo into and from ISO containers…more.

small Raahe

Actiw LoadPlate at the Port of Raahe









LoadPlate is a new method, especially suitable for loading complex cargo into standard containers. Ask also for our truck and trailer loading solutions for palletized and palletless goods or visit

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Automated container loading – ACTIW LoadPlate


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New Actiw sales office at the German-Dutch border from 1st November!

New Actiw Office

Two LoadPlates at ILP-Group

Logistics service provider ILP-Group volumes are increasing. The company has already two LoadPlate units in active use.

LoadPlate Multi in the Port of Raahe

Port of Raahe invested in container loading solution LoadPlate Multi allowing flexible and efficient loading across multiple doors. (Published March 2015)

Two LoadPlates to SCA Logistics

Swedish transporter SCA Logistics invests in two LoadPlates at terminals in Sundsvall and Umeå. (Published January 2015)

Shipping and logistics company ShoreLink Terminal invests in Actiw LoadPlate

Fast and easy container loading equipment Actiw LoadPlate improves efficiency at the Port of Piteå in Sweden. (Published 25th September 2014)

Eskilstuna Kombiterminal invests in Actiw LoadPlate container loading

Gains up to 25% higher container space utilisation. (Published 23.9.2014)

Pfeiffer Group saves time and money with Actiw LoadPlate p. 18

20 containers loaded in a day compared to 6-9 containers per day before. Only one worker is needed. (Published September 2014)

LoadPlate, the part of everyday life at Bois du Nord, France

Actiw LoadPlate in actiw use at Bois du Nord in France since 2008. (Published April 2015)

LoadPlate as modern technology container stuffing solution at DCT Gdansk Terminal

DCT Gdansk- one of the world’s highest dynamic growing container terminals is using LoadPlate in its daily operations. (Published March 2010)


  • High handling capacity

    When stuffing long goods or special cargo, the total handling capacity can be increased by 33% compared to traditional loading.

  • High operational cost efficiency

    A typical loading crew consists of 3 persons, while LoadPlate can be operated by a single operator.

  • Major decreases in freight costs

    Complex cargo can be loaded into DC’s (Dry Container) instead of OT’s (Open Top), with a 2 000 € savings potential per container.

  • Increased cubic fill

    A typical 10% improvement in cubic fill of timber products, equals ~200k€ cost savings with a container volume of 1 000.

  • Minimized handling damages

    Highly improved end-customer satisfaction, due to practically eliminated product damages.

  • Safe loading process

    A major reason for investing in LoadPlate is increased safety as no-one needs to be inside the container during loading.