Customer Care

Preventive maintenance

  • Actiw’s experts perform preventive maintenance on agreed intervals  to ensure trouble-free operation
  • Reporting is an integral part of preventive maintenance – it highlights areas that need service for the next time


  • Actiw provides training to customer’s staff during start-up. As most of the spare parts are standard and off-the-shelf, the system can be flexibly and cost-efficiently maintained also by the on-site personnel
  • Actiw’s staff is, however, quick to respond and provide on-site support, if required

Spare Parts

  • Actiw offers spare-part packages that include all critical elements to ensure trouble free operations
  • Most of the spare parts are standard and off-the-shelf. Actiw can provide them, or they can be purchased locally


  • Actiw offers separate training for both maintenance and usage for new operators.
  • Actiw shares best practices for LoadPlate operations from around the world.