Port operators

Puerto de Coronel

Puerto de Coronel installs Actiw LoadPlate in Chile.



Euroports invests in Actiw LoadPlate in Finland.


Port of Helsingborg

Actiw LoadPlate installed to Port of Helsingborg in Sweden.


DB Schenker – Romtrans

Stuffing project cargo and various products into 20ft and 40ft containers placed on container stand.


Owning one Standard LoadPlate and one LoadPlate multi in Kotka, Finland. Using LoadPlate to load timber, plywood and other products into 40ft containers.

Port of Raahe

Using LoadPlate Multi with four container positions to stuff steel sheets into 20ft and 40ft containers.

Sören Thyr

Owning and operating total 3 LoadPlate units for 20ft and 40ft containers. Stuffing timber, steel and other products.


Total 2 LoadPlate units used for timber, plywood and other goods stevedoring in Kotka, Finland, into 20ft and 40ft containers placed on top of container stands.

Stuveribolaget Gävle

Total 2 LoadPlate units located in Gävle, Sweden. Using the LoadPlates to stuff steel sheets and timber into 20ft and 40ft containers placed on container stands.

Norrköpings Hamn och Stuveri

Port authority and stevedoring company located in Norrköping, Sweden, using LoadPlate to stuff timber products into 40ft containers placed on container stand.