Actiw LoadPlate – the magic of automated container loading

LoadPlate is a one shot automated loading solution for regular, non-modified cargo space such as sea containers, trucks and trailers. LoadPlate is especially suitable for loading difficult cargo that is hard to containerize, is easily damaged or usually requires special shipping units such as open top or flatrack containers. The unloading can be done in one pull, working on standard platforms with standard equipment, when the cargo is prepared for unloading with Actiw LoadStrip, sling or other type of unloading preparation.

Benefits of LoadPlate

High handling capacity
Actual loading with LoadPlate takes less than 5 minutes. In addition, load forming is much simplified as the cargo can be prepared in the open space outside the container, reducing preparation time from hours to minutes in certain settings.

High operational cost efficiency
In a typical setting, container loading requires 2 forklifts and 3 persons with their distinct tasks. With LoadPlate, the same operation can be carried out with 1 forklift and only 1 person, with decreased vehicle turnaround time.

Major decreases in freight costs
Especially when handling long goods and heavy metal cargo, OT’s (Open Top) are typically used, as it is difficult or impossible to load in DC’s (Dry Container) with traditional methods. With LoadPlate, major savings can be achieved by reducing the need of special containers or off-site containerization.

Increased cubic fill
The super thin plate slides into the cargo space, requiring minimal upward clearance in comparison to tilting and pushing the cargo in using forklifts. This results in at least 10% improvement in cubic fill of products, summing up to 200 000 € cost savings with a container volume of 1 000.

Minimized handling damages
Loading with LoadPlate eliminates the risk of damages caused by forklifts during the stuffing process. In addition, LoadPlate can easily be placed in-doors, reducing the effect of environmental elements on the cargo, such as rain, snow, wind and sun.

Safe loading process
A major reason for investing in LoadPlate is increased safety: no-one needs to be inside the container during loading, forklift traffic calms down and there are less labor involved in the process.

Cost of ownership and sustainability
LoadPlate maintenance and spare part costs are significantly lower, when compared to forklift operations, and it is highly energy efficient, reducing CO2 emissions significantly.