Container loading for port cargo

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the Actiw LoadPlate works!

Actiw LoadPlate is fast and proven, one-shot container loading equipment that meets today’s port and terminal operators’ container loading challenges.

Due to increasing export volumes and demands on safety and operation efficiency, automated solutions are increasing their importance also in intermodal logistics operations. Actiw Oy makes customized solutions for loading complex cargo and various project goods into standard, unmodified cargo spaces.

Some of world’s leading companies have chosen Actiw LoadPlate

LoadPlate is suitable for safe loading of various types of products. It is particularly suitable for loading complex cargo which is difficult to containerize such as timber, steel and aluminium products. No special structures are needed under the cargo.

The operation principle is simple. The products are landed on top of LoadPlate for example by an overhead crane or a forklift. In the basic LoadPlate configuration the container is brought to the LoadPlate and the products are automatically pushed in the container on a plastic plate. The plate is then pulled out of the container leaving the products accurately and undamaged inside.

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Benefits of Actiw LoadPlate

actiw_timber_truckImproved safety & working surroundings Actiw

LoadPlate increases the safety of container loading operations. Minimal labor and machinery support is needed. Various safety hazards are defeated as the process is more controlled and people are no more in and on the containers while handling heavy products. Dangerous forklift traffic is diminished and human injuries are avoided.

As a modern solution the LoadPlate is easy and safe to use and it upgrades the working environment as a whole.
Automation benefits such as high efficiency, quality and
accuracy can be exploited.

actiw_timber_1Easy and fast loading of standard containers

Actiw LoadPlate is ideal for loading less expensive and often better available standard containers. No modifications are needed in the cargo space. The turnaround times are faster as the load is ready when the truck or other container handling equipment arrives.

Accurate docking of the container is easily ensured by connector clamps and the height and side adjustment functions of the LoadPlate. Typically the loading of cargo into a container takes only 5 minutes!

Simple load forming


Load forming can be done by forklifts, overhead cranes and other existing machinery. The products can be loaded onto LoadPlate from both sides enabling flexible load forming.

In container scarce environments, for example a 40 or 45 feet load can be prepared on the LoadPlate in the right sequence before the container arrives. The next load can be prepared in open space around the LoadPlate. In environments with multiple containers available, Actiw LoadPlate Multi with the side movement function allows flexible and efficient loading
of multiple containers in the order of importance.

No product and container damages


Loading containers with LoadPlate reduces the risk of damage to the products and the containers. For instance, product damages are decreased due to fewer contacts with the products. The containers remain undamaged as the LoadPlate keeps the products in correct dimensions.

The gentle handling of products with Actiw LoadPlate results in controlled damage back charges and better customer satisfaction.

Green performance and sustainability


The use of Actiw LoadPlate improves the environmental performance of container loading operations. Compared to conventional methods of using forklifts, LoadPlate reduces CO2 emissions significantly resulting in excellent energy efficiency. Also the maintenance and spare parts costs are expressively lower than e.g. in forklift operations.

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