Container loading for wood products

See this video to understand how Actiw LoadPlate works

LoadPlate is an automated container loading solution that will shape the future of intermodal timber loading operations.

This break-through innovation is accurately loading your valuable timber cargo in one shot into standard cargo space such as sea containers, trucks and trailers.


Actiw LoadPlate for timber loading into standard containersLoadPlate is especially suitable for loading cargo that is hard to containerize or is easily damaged such as long timber products. When loaded with unloading accessories, unloading can easily be performed in one pull.

Some of world’s leading companies have chosen Actiw LoadPlate.


Actiw LoadPlate Timber References

Actiw LoadPlate Case Study: Stora Enso

LoadPlate Benefits for wood industry

actiw_timber_truckSimple unique operating principle

The use of LoadPlate requires no modifications to cargo space. Products of any shape or size are lifted onto the loading plate, the container is secured and the LoadPlate can start its “one shot” loading. The magic of LoadPlate is that one push of a button loads
an entire container or trailer.



Improving the efficiency of operations

LoadPlate improves truck turnaround times as the actual loading of goods takes less than 5 min. LoadPlate improves the cargo loading accuracy by maximizing the use of cargo space. This high performance can be reached with minimal labor and machinery support.

Improved safety & working surroundings


LoadPlate increases safety in loading operations. Nobody needs to be inside the container during loading, forklift traffic is minimized and less people are involved in the process. LoadPlate solution also improves the quality of the overall working environment. LoadPlate can be accessed from both sides. The next cargo load can be staged in the open space around the LoadPlate.

Damage free loading


LoadPlate automated loading system eliminates the risk of damage to the cargo and the container. The LoadPlate load positioning rollers ensure that the products are in the right position before entering the container. Damage free loading increases customer satisfaction and dramatically lowers damage back charges from damaged products or containers and trailers.

Green performance and sustainability


LoadPlate allows superior environmental performance. This loading solution is highly energy efficient reducing CO2 emissions significantly. Over the life of the equipment LoadPlate maintenance and spare part costs are significantly lower than e.g. forklift operations.