LoadPlate configurations and add-ons



LoadPlate is ideal for loading all types of standard containers (20’, 40’ and 45’) and varying trailer & truck lengths up to 13,6 meters. It is designed to load one container at a time. LoadPlate configurations vary from towable equipment to fixed installations, and from sophisticated PLC controlled operations to manually operated ones.

LoadPlate Multi


LoadPlate Multi fits environments with heavy container traffic, where container handling is done in different sequence from the load forming and loading operations. LoadPlate Multi enables effective, scheduled process cycles for heavy duty container handling devices and for the load forming functions. The containers are positioned side by side on supports and LoadPlate is moved on rails from one to another in turns.

Actiw Unloading Table

Unloading table

Generally, no special equipment is required at the receiving end for unloading the goods. In special cases, however, Actiw Unloading Table is perfect for quick unloading from standard cargo space when the cargo is prepared for unloading with Actiw LoadStrip, sling or other type of unloading preparation.

All LoadPlates are premounted and quick to start-up.


LoadPlate add-ons


This clever accessory enables the unloading of cargo loaded by LoadPlate. It allows quick unloading from standard cargo space with standard trailer dock doors and platforms. Loadstrips are placed on LoadPlate’s loading plate under the cargo. The unloading can be carried out with forklifts, terminal tractors, LoadPlate or Unloading Table by pulling out the cargo by one pull. Loadstrips are inexpensive, durable, reusable and recyclable.



LoadTransfer is perfect for situations where containers need to be moved a couple of meters into the building or partially inside the dock opening for indoor loading.